SUNNY EGYPT 2 Nephthys’s birthday (p5-8)

October 28, 2007

Nephthys “I wonder when Osiris comes.”
someone “Sorry I’m late.”
Set “Nephthys,”
“Happy birthday.”
Nephthys “Ugh”

Set “Nephthys, I’m glad. You understand my love at last!”
Nephthys “Excuse me…Set…why are you here?”
Set “Eh, because your letter says…”
Nephthys “Why are you always so mean to me?”
“I had been looking forward to having good time”
“with Osiris for a long time…!”

Nephthys “You fool!”
Set “Ouch!”
“I really hate you!”
Set “…”

Set “Maat, why was I hit by her? “
Maat “Ha ha, that letter was for Osiris. I transferred the address to you. Nephthys never invites you!”
“That’s too bad! It might be a chance to come near to getting Nephthys!”
Set “Maat,What is it which Osiris has but I don’t have?”
Maat “Kindness, and height.”
Set “That is the throne!!”
“Once I get the throne, I’ll absolutely get Nephthys!”
Maat “I wonder why you get such an idea…”
Set renewed his determination of treason against Osiris.

To episode 3…


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