SUNNY EGYPT 4 Set declaring war (p5-8)

October 28, 2007

Set “I see.”
“It’s a pity that we couldn’t understand each other, Horus.”
“I probably must say good bye to you.”
“Somehow you will be eventually a disturbance of me, sooner or later I’ll rub out.”

Horus “!!!”
Set “Horus, I always said that you must answer “yes” for invitation from me.”
“Good bye, Horus.”
“I ‘ll tell to Osiris that you fell down a cliff and died!!”

Horus “Yikes!!”

Set “Haw-haw”
“Ha ha ha, now, the disturbance was removed!”
“It ensures my first in succession to the throne…”
Someone “Things don’t go as you have planned!!”
Set “You…!”



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