SUNNY EGYPT 4 Set declaring war (p9-12)

October 28, 2007

Set “You are…”
Thoth “Set, you start a treason at last.”
“Ah I thought you might do it someday….”
Set “Aha-ha-ha”
“Now, what would you do! Do you sell me to Osiris? ”

Set “No, it’s no good! That pacifist believes everything if I cry to him!”
Horus “…”
Set “Oh? Horus, what a pity! Your eye was squashed!”
“But Horus,”
“probably we are destined to kill each other.”
“Yes, this is surely our destiny.”

Set “Horus! Here I declare war to you!”
“I’ll kill your father and loot the throne!”
“If you want to prevent it, come! Horus!”
“Kill each other!”
“When we meet again, either your or my life is lost!”

Set “Good bye, then, Horus.”
“Prof. Thoth.”
‘Until the day when we meet again…!’
That now, the battle of Set versus Horus for getting the throne started.
Horus “I never want to see him…”

To be continued…


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