Long long time ago, chaos age, world of myths.
When the first civilization bloomed up in the ground,
there lived a beautiful prince like a diamond in this kingdom.

He had a rera beautiful face; besides a clever head,
a strong chivalry,
and he never lost games by anyone else.
Any kings nor gods of any other countries never matched him.
The prince had a bright older brother; Osiris,
a beautiful older sister; Isis,
a brave younger brother; Haroeris,
and a sweet younger sister; Nephthys.
Isis “We are on good terms with each other.”
After a while, his older brother became a king,
and his older sister became a queen of the country.
Osiris “Hmm, the post of king suits me.”
Isis “Honey, I’d love you to buy me the bag I want…”
Haroeris “I want to travel somewhere…”
Nephthys “I’ll stay the palace…”

The country supported by a excellent king gathered people and wealth from all over the world.
There was really an earthly paradise!
The prosperity would have seemed to last forever.
But only the prince did not think so.
girl “Hey hey!”

girl “You look strict again.”
 “Wrinkles will appear here!”
prince “Oh, it’s you, Maat…”
Maat “You seem not to want to see me!”
 “Humph, I see someone you want to see is”
 “not me but Nephthys!”
prince “Yes.”
Maat “What an honest prince!”

Maat “Then, looking such a sullen face, what are you thinking? Do you have any worries, despite your high state?”
prince “I want the throne of the country.”
Maat “…”
 “You should not tell it to other people so much. You may be likely to be suspected.”
 “Your words can’t be heard as jokes!”
prince “I always really mean to.”
The prince’s name was Set. Afterward, he became a murderer of his brother Osiris and a looter of the throne.

To episode 2…


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