A beautiful princess, Nephthys.
She is an idol of gods in all over the country.
She has had a deep love for one person since her childhood.
His name is Osiris, the king of the country.

Nephthys “Maat, would you do me a favor?”
Maat “What is it? Nephthys?”
Nephthys “This”
“This letter”
“Send it please. To Osiris!”

Maat “Well…Dearest Osiris”
“Tomorrow is my birthday. Shall we have dinner together that night?…”
“Hey! This is a love letter!”
Nephthys “Oh, shamed. Don’t read it please.”
Maat “No! No, no! You know Osiris is married to Isis! If Isis finds it, not only you but also I am killed by her!”

Nephthys “Maat, please. I have arranged for this day for a long time.”
“And you know my love to Osiris.”
“Please, Maat”
Maat “Hummm, I’m asked for a big trouble thing….”



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