The first in succession to the throne of the country is,
the prince who was born of Pharaoh Osiris and his wife Isis,

Horus of noble birth had been brought up with great care since he was small.
His education teacher was Thoth
the best scholar in the country,
and his master of the martial arts was his uncle
Like his father Osiris, he was kind,
and his warm personality was loved by everyone.
Particularly, the love from his uncle Set was extreme.

Set “Hey, Horus.”
“You’ve come just at the right time.”
“Let’s play make-believe William Tell with me.”
Horus ‘I’m killed!’

And another day
Set “Horus!”
“Today let’s play the game of darkness!”
“Blue eyes white dragon!!”
The sufferings of Horus continue…

To episode 4…


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