Long, long ago, chaos age, there was the most prosperity country in the ground.
Thousands years has already passed by, now the prosperity remains only gigantic king graves and golds sleeping there.
Egypt, New Kingdom, Valley of the Kings,
Shes “Watch out.”
“Dowsing reacts much!”
“There! there must be traps!!”
“Netjer! We should stop!”
“It’s impossible for only us to explore the grave!!”

Shes “Ouch! ”
Netjer “It’s only your tremble!! We come to here now and cannot return!! Stand up soon!”
Shes “Yes, sir.”
Netjer “Shes, I’m trouble if you wouldn’t do earnest!”
“Because there is not normal. Ancient traps are waiting for us.”
“And treasures too.”

Netjer “Stop joking!!”
“How low-price!!”
Merchant “Ahem…Netjer…I understand what you want to say. But it’s already beyond the price limits for stolen article! Besides these days, crackdowns are becoming severe…”
“Dealing them is too much trouble for me, too.”

Netjer “No, I can’t make any more concessions to you! These are really good quality!!”
“Because we excavated them at the risk of our own lives in King Djuser’s grave!!”
Merchant (King Djuse—?)
(Unbelievable…is it that…?)
“Netjer, I have a business talk to you.”
“I think he wouldn’t be a bad customer for you, too…”
Netjer&Shes “?”



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